Pembrokeshire Flying Club

Brief introduction to the Pembrokeshire Flying Club:

The Pembrokeshire Flying Club is a group of like minded pilots and aviation enthusiasts that met on Tuesday 30th October 2007 at Rosemarket Golf Club and Airstrip with the idea of forming a social and safety awareness flying club.”

Pembrokeshire Flying Club's Aims:  To promote aviation in the Pembrokeshire area through social gatherings and flying events including fund raising events, fly in's fly out's, flying competitions, safety awareness evenings. Amongst the events that the P.F.C have already taken part in was the sunday lunch event at Caernarfon.

PFCmembers17 members made the journey and had a very enjoyable dinner with no doubt laughs and games included.

The club is already looking to the new year and forward to their next flyout to Valley which will be taking place in spring of next year.  I think its safe to say another great event will be had by them all weather permitting of course.




With the club still being fairly young they are making a great steps in helping to bring the local aviation community together. If the idea of the club is something that takes your fancy why not get in touch via the website and who knows where it could take you.

-We will be posting news and information regarding the Pembrokeshire Flying Club here as and when it happens, so keep checking back for updates on the club and also do not forget to take some time to look over far more of the clubs capers and fun at their own website.

Latest News:

*New 2012 information coming soon*


Upcoming events for the PFC.

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